Orecticsys has a highly secure, robust and well-architectures infrastructure. We operating through world-class development centers and follow global security practices that maintain security. Our development centers also provide high-end, sophisticated environment to offshore teams. We are passionate about your business’s success.  It’s the reason why we have built strong client relationships.  our talented people have the creative flair and the technical expertise to grow your business with rock solid solutions.  We consistently deliver innovative websites, web applications and graphic design that is as distinctive as it is functional. Fortified with state-of-the-art infrastructure that facilitates seamless work flow through comprehensive network security, employee security and physical security, we deliver quality services to our clients.

Our Advantages

  • Access-controlled world-class development centers
  • High-speed machines on a secure switched network
  • IBM-powered Windows and Linux servers for development
  • High-speed connectivity for 24×7 access to clients and server farms
  • Redundant UPS backup with backup generator for uninterrupted power
  • Own built-up real-estate capacity to scale operations quickly for future requirements